Dec 06, 2015

"Let’s Enjoy How to Cook Modern Osechi! "Cooking Class和テイストの簡単おもてなし料理教室[12月6日開催]


Would you like to cook Osechi with us?

Osechi is Japanese New Year's special dishes but recently, the style has become more modern in Japan. We will be holding a modern Osechi cooking class, and preparing very easy and delicious dishes.

You can learn these dishes for Christmas and New Year's party.
Let's enjoy how to cook modern Osechi dishes!

・ Lecture on the basics of delicious Osechi by Ms. Hiromi Sekioka
・ Making modern Osechi (5 dishes)
Ms. Hiromi Sekioka will teach the class how to make simple and delicious dishes, and the participants will make and taste all 5 dishes.

ホームパーティやお正月など、集まりの多い時期にぴったりの和テイストのおもてなし料理を覚えませんか? 手まり寿司や松風風ミートローフなど、おせちにもクリスマスパーティにも使える簡単でおしゃれ、しかも料理上手に見えるメニューばかりです。講師は和食もフレンチも得意な人気料理研究家の関岡弘美先生です。

★ メニュー(予定)

・手まりずし2種 ......昆布〆とサーモン(または鯛)、酢レンコンと青じそを使った簡単にできる手まり寿司です。

・松風風ミートローフ ......うずら卵を包んだ豪華なミートローフ。パーティの主役にもなります。




Date and Time日時

December 06, 2015 (Sun) 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM
11:30 AM

2015年12月06日(日) 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM
11:30 AM

Want to Bring持ち物

*Apron and writing utensils
*Please note that the payment of the participation fee will be necessary for all cancellations after the deadline. Bank transfer details will be provided.



Tsukishima-Shakai-Kyouiku-Kaikan (月島社会教育会館、Social Education Hall)
4-1-1 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan

月島社会教育会館4階 料理教室


30Participants (First-come-first-served)

30名 (先着順)


5000yen (Tax, text, material fee included)

5000円 (テキスト、材料費代、税込み)

Registration and Cancellation Dead Line申込み&キャンセル締切日

December 03, 2015 (Thu) 11:00 AM

2015年12月03日(木) 11:00 AM


Hiromi Sekioka

Born in Kyoto. After an involvement with a culinary magazine as editor, went to France in 2006. Obtained her “Grand Diplome de cuisine et de patisserie” (cooking and confectionary) at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, studied about wine. Trained with chefs at 3-star Michelin restaurants before coming back home in 2008. She received her Wine Expert certification from the Japan Sommelier Association, is very knowledgeable about sake. Relating to the Suwa region through her husband, she often goes there, aims at promoting the Suwa style cooking based on local ingredients.