Jun 21, 2015

Let's enjoy RICE MILK Cooking Class! on June 21今、注目のライスミルクを使った料理教室を開催![6月21日開催]


Do you know Rice Milk?

Rice milk is the most popular healthy drink in this year.
You can learn how to use rice milk in daily life.

Rice milk which is made from rice is paid the most attention to now.
It is vegetable drink. Rice milk is also called "the third of milk" to the next of milk and soy milk. The taste of rice milk is a soft sweet flavor.
Rice milk is popular not only for vegetarians but also for people who want to get energy for a day at breakfast or at sports.
Rice milk can use smoothie and soup as well as various ways for cooking and making sweets.

This class will be taught by Ms. Shuka Okubo.
She is the author of the rice milk book, " Hajimeteno rice milk".
She is a sports woman. She has often developed menus for runners and also published health information.

6月のSavory Japanは、今年、ブレイクしつつある「ライスミルク」料理教室を開催します。講師は『はじめてのライスミルク』(自由国民社)を出版した大久保朱夏さんです。


スポーツウーマンでもあり、ランナーに役立つ健康情報や野菜がたっぷり食べられるレシピを数多く提案しています。今回のSavory Japanの料理教室でも、そんなライスミルクを手軽に生活に取り入れられる工夫をいろいろ教えてくださる予定です。手軽に栄養がしっかりとれる「ライスミルク」の楽しみ方、実際に調理しながら覚えてみませんか。

大久保 朱夏
自由国民社 (2015-04-30)
売り上げランキング: 568,117

Date and Time日時

June 21, 2015 (Sun) 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM

2015年06月21日(日) 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Want to Bring持ち物

*Apron and writing utensils
*Please note that the payment of the participation fee will be necessary for all cancellations after the deadline. Bank transfer details will be provided.



Tsukishima-Shakai-Kyouiku-Kaikan (月島社会教育会館、Social Education Hall) 4-1-1 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan

東京都中央区月島4-1-1 月島社会教育会館4階 料理教室


30Participants (First-come-first-served)

30名 (先着順)


4500yen (Tax, text, material fee included)

4500円 (テキスト、材料費代、税込み)

Registration and Cancellation Dead Line申込み&キャンセル締切日

June 17, 2015 (Wed) 11:00 AM

2015年06月17日(水) 11:00 AM


Syuka Okubo

She is a recipe development consultant, Vegetable Sommelier, and food writer. She has often developed menus for runners and also published health information mainly for runners. She focuses on a fusion of food culture and sports in a community-based. She has published her first book about rice milk. “Hajimeteno Rice Milk” (Publisher: Jiyu Cokuminsha)

Her website:

Hisamatsu vegetable recipe site:


おおくぼ・しゅか 食のクリエイター・ライター。料理の提案や商品開発・企画など「食」分野に幅広く関わる。ランナーを中心にスポーツマンの健康情報も手がけ、地域に根ざしたスポーツと食文化の融合にも力を入れている。『はじめてのライスミルク』(自由国民社)は、初著書。